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According to government statistics a massive 800,000 households (that's equivalent to 16% of the entire country's population) have suffered a burglary while they were away on holiday! What is even more disturbing is that a huge number of these crimes could probably have been prevented if the homeowners had taken certain basic precautions, such as:

  • Asking a neighbour to keep an eye on the house, opening curtains during the day and clearing away mail

  • Putting in a time switch to switch lights on and off during the evening

  • Locking valuables away in a home safe or leaving them in safe custody

  • Remembering that a discussion with a friend or neighbour about your forthcoming holiday can reach the wrong ears

  • Making sure that your lawn and garden is left tidy

  • Cancelling newspaper deliveries

  • Making sure that anyone who needs to enter the house has a key; burglars know all the common hiding places

  • Making sure that garages and side gates are securely locked

  • Ensuring that not only is there a burglar alarm, but that it is actually switched on

  • Taking care that all doors and windows to the house locked with good quality locks

  • Removing any ladders or tools that an enterprising burglar could use.

The most common mistake that people make is to assume that burglaries are something that happens to other people; thieves are constantly on the lookout for unoccupied premises and whilst it is impossible to be 100% certain that a house is completely secure taking just a few simple precautions can deter anyone but the most determined and professional thief from stealing your property and ruining your holiday.

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